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Our Programs

We design our programs with the intention of fostering a lifelong love for learning in our students while guiding them on their unique journey of self-discovery and self-development through learning opportunities that address the social, emotional, intellectual/mental, creative and spiritual aspects of their being. 

Technology Class


Our tutorial offers a dynamic educational experience that seamlessly merges science with key subjects, fostering holistic development. Through immersive activities, students explore the wonders of the natural world while enhancing their proficiency in math, language arts, social studies, and art. 

Modern Learning

1:1 Tutoring

Our tutors provide lessons and practices activities that develop

literacy and math skills. Certified educators customize each session to provide instruction that is individualized to fit your child's specific learning needs. All of the strategies used are evidence-based. Each child also gets access to IXL to continue their learning beyond the tutoring sessions. is a unique resource that offers engaging, challenging, and fun practice activities and games.

Outdoor Education

Enrichment Classes

We host game night's, family activities, and lessons in our garden to provide extended learning opportunities that foster creativity, challenge learners, strengthen social skills and encourage teamwork/collaboration.


Our enrichment activities and lessons offer children a safe space that nurtures their sense of belonging, confidence, and self-efficacy! 

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