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About Us


At SOL Learning Center, our mission is to awaken the innate gifts, talents, and unique intelligence within every child.


We believe that all children are born with an innate seed of potential within them, and it is the community's collective responsibility to provide the conditions for that seed to blossom.


  • To cultivate a love for learning in our students, by providing holistic educational services that engage and empower children and families.

  • To create learning environments that are intended to be an expression of the interests and needs of our learning community.

  • To learn, live, and teach holistically through head, heart, and hands.

Join Our Team 

Our educators see learning as a natural process. They have the autonomy to design and implement appropriate learning environments to meet the needs of each student.


  • Teaching is seen as a support for learning, not as an act of controlling the learning process.

  • Our students have a significant voice in determining our curriculum design, this provides families access to a range of educational options.


This freedom of choice nurtures freedom of inquiry, expression, and personal growth. We empower our students to be tomorrow's innovators, creators, and leaders while grounding them in deep respect, compassion, and value for all life and all human beings.

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