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Meet Our Founder

Tatiana Alexander, M.Ed

Tatiana, the heart and soul behind SOL Learning Center, is on a mission to redefine education. A homeschooling mother, former public school teacher, and visionary school leader, Tatiana crafts an educational sanctuary where learning transcends boundaries. 

As the founder of SOL Learning Center, Tatiana pioneers a holistic approach, offering tutoring, enriching classes, and transformative workshops tailored for homeschoolers. Her passion for education is not just professional; it's personal. Tatiana homeschools her two boys aged 5 and 11 alongside her husband, creating an environment where academic and social-emotional needs intertwine seamlessly.

SOL Learning Center is more than an institution; it's Tatiana's "Soul" work. She envisions a community-driven educational landscape where every child is nurtured individually. In her philosophy, every caregiver becomes a homeschooler, and each child deserves a private teacher. Tatiana believes in a learning experience that engages not just the mind but also the heart and hands.

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Join Our Team 

Our educators see learning as a natural process. They have the autonomy to design and implement appropriate learning environments to meet the needs of each student.


  • Teaching is seen as a support for learning, not as an act of controlling the learning process.

  • Our students have a significant voice in determining our curriculum design, this provides families access to a range of educational options.


This freedom of choice nurtures freedom of inquiry, expression, and personal growth. We empower our students to be tomorrow's innovators, creators, and leaders while grounding them in deep respect, compassion, and value for all life and all human beings.

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